Meet Our Founder

Adanma Otunyo Horsfall is the founder and CEO of Worthy Exceptional Beautiful Girl LLC (WEB GIRL). She is passionate about all things female and about 2 years ago, had a vision to start WEB GIRL Clothing line.

 Adanma experienced firsthand in her life, the pressures that girls and women face on a daily basis; The pressure to conform to others’ expectation of them, becoming someone else in an effort to fit in or to be fully accepted.

Furthermore, in raising a daughter who felt like an outsider, even in kindergarten, Adanma understands the lasting psychological and emotional impact, “not fitting in” may have on a girl/woman, if not intentionally explored and adequately addressed.     

Adanma started this movement to educate, empower and reiterate to every girl and every woman that she is Worthy, Exceptional, and Beautiful irrespective of color, body shape/size, hair texture, creed, age, “flaws”, educational background, and socio-economic status.

Please join us in changing the narrative with the purchase of a WEB GIRL Tee. We would love for you or that special girl/woman in your life to wear your T-Shirt with pride, knowing that you are part of a movement that is redefining what it means to be female; A movement that inspires every girl/woman to truly believe in herself & rise above the daily challenges that come with being female.

Thank you!